YouTube Erjavčeva koča channel

Live camera and videos from YouTube Erjavčeva koča channel videos

YouTube Erjavčeva koča channel

YouTube Erjavčeva koča channel

Funny videos, some from our trips, some information about life in the mountains and maybe even some educational ones…

Winter was long, and there was plenty of time to kill some time, especially when the weather was too windy to play outside the hut or the road was closed because of snow and the danger of avalanches.
But in every situation, you need something that works for you, right? So this time, we play out with a new YouTube Erjavčeva koča channel. Click here.
We will publish videos you should see. Funny ones, some from our trips, some information about life in the mountains and maybe even some educational ones.
You know the drill.

YouTube Erjavčeva koča channel

Why we have YouTube channel, at the end we are a mountain hut.

Mountain huts, like many other businesses and organisations, can benefit from having a YouTube channel for several reasons:

  1. Promotion and Marketing:

A YouTube channel allows mountain huts to showcase their facilities, amenities, and services to potential visitors. They can create videos highlighting the beauty of the surrounding landscape, showcasing the accommodations, and providing virtual tours of the facilities.

  1. Destination Discovery:

YouTube is a powerful platform for destination discovery. Mountain huts can create videos that showcase the surrounding area’s natural beauty, hiking trails, scenic views, and nearby attractions. This can attract outdoor enthusiasts and travellers looking for new places to explore.

  1. Educational Content:

Mountain huts can use their YouTube channel to provide educational content related to hiking, mountaineering, outdoor safety, and environmental conservation. They can share tips on trail navigation, gear selection, wilderness survival, and Leave No Trace principles.

  1. Community Engagement:

A YouTube channel can help mountain huts connect with their community of visitors, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts. They can engage with viewers by responding to comments, sharing stories and experiences, and fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among their audience.

  1. Events and Activities:

Mountain huts can use their YouTube channel to promote special events, guided hikes, workshops, and outdoor activities. They can create videos announcing upcoming events, showcasing past events, and providing highlights and recaps of the activities.

  1. Testimonials and Reviews:

Video testimonials and reviews from satisfied visitors can be powerful endorsements for mountain huts. They can encourage potential visitors to book accommodations and experience the hospitality and amenities firsthand.

  1. Revenue Opportunities:

YouTube channels can generate additional revenue streams for mountain huts through advertising, sponsorships, and partnerships. They can monetize their videos through the YouTube Partner Program and collaborate with outdoor brands, tourism agencies, and other businesses.

  1. Educational Partnerships:

Mountain huts can partner with outdoor education organizations, environmental groups, and educational institutions to create and share academic content on their YouTube channel. This can raise awareness about environmental issues, promote outdoor stewardship, and encourage responsible outdoor recreation.

In summary, a YouTube channel can be a valuable tool for mountain huts to promote their facilities, engage with their community, share educational content, and attract passionate visitors about outdoor adventure and exploration.

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Erjavceva mountain hut at Vrsic pass in summer

Erjavčeva mountain hut is open the whole year. Reserve your stay and spend some time in the natural paradise of Triglav National Park (UNESCO) near Kranjska Gora on Vršič mountain pass in the heart of Triglav National Park.

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