Škrlatica (2740M)

Hike to Škrlatica

Hiking to Škrlatica offers an exhilarating adventure amidst the stunning Julian Alps of Slovenia. Škrlatica stands as the second-highest peak in Slovenia, boasting an elevation of 2.740 meters (8,989 feet) above sea level. The hike to Škrlatica is renowned for its challenging yet rewarding trails, breathtaking alpine scenery, and the opportunity to immerse oneself in the pristine wilderness of Triglav National Park.

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About the hike to Škrlatica

Difficulty sbout the hike to Škrlatica

The hike to Škrlatica is considered challenging and is recommended for experienced hikers due to its steep ascents, rugged terrain, and potential exposure to high altitude conditions.

Duration of the hike

The duration of the hike varies based on the chosen route and individual hiking pace. Typically, it takes around 8 to 10 hours to complete the round trip.


The distance covered during the hike depends on the starting point and the chosen trail, but it generally ranges between 12 to 16 kilometres (7 to 10 miles) round trip.

Elevation Gain

Hikers can expect a significant elevation gain of approximately 1,500 to 1,800 meters (4,920 to 5,905 feet) during the ascent.


From Vrata Valley

The most popular starting point for the hike to Škrlatica is from Vrata Valley, near Mojstrana. The trail begins at Aljažev Dom mountain hut and follows a well-marked path through lush forests and alpine meadows before ascending steeply towards the Škrlatica saddle. From the saddle, the final push involves a challenging ascent over steep slopes and rocky terrain to reach the summit.

From Krma Valley

Another option is to start the hike from Krma Valley, which offers a longer but equally scenic route to Škrlatica. The trail from Krma Valley also passes through picturesque landscapes, alpine pastures, and eventually ascends to the summit via the Škrlatica saddle.


Hiking to Škrlatica


Breathtaking Scenery

Throughout the hike, hikers are treated to panoramic views of towering peaks, pristine alpine lakes, and verdant valleys characteristic of the Julian Alps.

Škrlatica Summit

Standing atop Škrlatica rewards hikers with unparalleled vistas of the surrounding mountains, including Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak, and the stunning alpine landscape stretching as far as the eye can see.

Triglav National Park

The hike to Škrlatica provides an opportunity to explore the diverse ecosystems and rich biodiversity of Triglav National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its natural beauty and ecological significance.

Preparation and Safety

Fitness and Experience

Due to the challenging nature of the hike, it is essential for hikers to be in good physical condition and have prior experience with alpine terrain and navigation.

Weather Conditions

Weather in the mountains can change rapidly, so it’s crucial to check the forecast and be prepared for sudden changes in temperature, precipitation, and visibility.


Hikers should carry appropriate gear, including sturdy hiking boots, warm clothing, waterproof layers, food, water, navigation tools, and a first aid kit.

Respect Nature

It’s important to practice Leave No Trace principles and respect the fragile alpine environment by staying on designated trails, properly disposing of waste, and avoiding disturbance to wildlife.

Conclusion about Škrlatica hike

Hiking to Škrlatica offers an unforgettable alpine adventure amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Julian Alps. From challenging ascents to awe-inspiring vistas, the journey to Škrlatica rewards hikers with a profound sense of accomplishment and a deep connection to the pristine wilderness of Triglav National Park. With careful preparation and a spirit of adventure, the hike to Škrlatica promises an experience that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Disclaimer: While Erjavčeva koča (Erjavčeva mountain hut) and the surrounding area offer breathtaking scenery and exciting outdoor opportunities, it’s important to remember that winter mountain environments can be unpredictable and potentially hazardous. Visitors should exercise caution, be adequately prepared with appropriate gear and equipment, and stay informed about weather conditions and avalanche risk. The information provided here is intended as general guidance and inspiration only. Erjavčeva koča does not assume responsibility for the safety of individuals who explore the area based on the provided recommendations. Visitors should use their best judgment and take personal responsibility for their safety while enjoying winter activities in the Julian Alps.

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