In our kitchen, we try to intertwine traditional and local dishes, adding a touch of freshness and a modern touch. However, we also carefully choose food for vegetarians and vegans.

Our Restaurant

Housemade food

In addition to our homemade pesto and the special Erjavčeva koča cake, which are the most recognizable dishes, the carefully selected menu is adapted to the seasonal choice of ingredients.

Traditional Menu

Jota with cabbage or turnip
Stuffed peppers
Mushroom soup


Selecting the right wine was quite a challenge. We have travelled around plenty of Slovenian wine cellars, which is a challenging job. Ultimately, we decided on a prestige small manufactured limited edition wine almost without sulfuric acid and other additives.


No matter how much wine you drink, you will not wake up with a headache.

100 years of Mountain marking existence and 100 years when Erjavčeva’s hut belongs to the Slovenian mountain association.

Mountain marking (Slovene: planinska markacija) is an essential symbol of mountain society in Slovenia. In 2022, this marking celebrated 100 years of existence as the Erjavčeva’s hut. We are happy to celebrate no less than 100 years of universally that Erjavčeva’s hut changed the Austrian-German owner and became Slovenian pride.

In March 2022, we decided to make a “Mountain marking cake for that celebration.”

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Countless opportunities for relaxation and exploration await you, as you are located in our most beautiful national park.

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You are welcome here

Treat yourself to relaxation and go on a hike. In Erjavčeva house at Vršič, just a stone’s throw from Kranjska Gora, we expect you in Triglav national park’s unspoiled nature.