Live cameras from Vršič pass

LIVE CAMERAS from Vršič pass

Live cameras from Vršič pass - Erjavčeva mountain hut - 1525 m since 1901

Live cameras from Vršič pass - Towards Prisank - Prisojnik

Mountain Prisank (also known as Prisojnik) is a prominent peak that towers in the Julian Alps within Triglav National Park, Slovenia. Standing at 2.547 meters, it’s recognized for its distinctive appearance and is one of the most noticeable mountains in the area from the Kranjska Gora Valley. Prisank is famed for its natural window, the Prisank Window, a large hole in the mountain’s side, and stone face in the mountain called Ajdovska deklica which has become a symbol of the mountain and a popular objective for hikers and climbers.

Live cameras from Vršič pass - Towards Vratca

Vratca, standing at 1.807 meters, is part of Slovenia’s dynamic and picturesque landscape of the Julian Alps. Not as widely recognized by the name “Vratca” in this context, it could refer to specific peaks or areas within the Alpine range that hikers and mountaineers often seek out for their natural beauty and the challenges they present. These areas are celebrated for offering access to untouched natural environments, panoramic views of the valleys below, and the serene beauty of the Alpine landscape.

We want you to get the best imagination of the location of Erjavčeva mountain hut in Triglav National Park between Kranjska Gora, Bovec and Trenta Valley if you are coming to visit us for the first time. Take a bite and check our live cameras and videos.

If you are a regular visitor or a local, the live cameras give you perfect real-time weather conditions on the Vršič mountain pass.

The pictures and videos are here more for fun. They can show you some precious moments we want to share about life in the mountains.

Videos of Erjavčeva mountain hut

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