Illustration of Erjavčeva hut

Illustration of Erjavčeva hut by Eva Hartmann

Illustration of Erjavčeva hut by Eva Hartmann”

Illustration of Erjavčeva hut by Eva Hartmann

Over the years, as tourism develops at Erjavčeva hut and guests from around the world stay with us, new acquaintances and friendships are formed. In the tranquillity of nature and the beauty of Triglav National Park, hikers come to us on foot via the “Alpe Adria Trail” and, not least, by car. It’s interesting to see the faces that visit from countless different environments, but usually with the same goal – to relax and enjoy the untouched nature and breathtaking views of Erjavčeva hut.

This time, our attention was drawn to a guest named Eva Hartmann from Germany, who spent a few days at the hut and its surroundings. We noticed Eva when she was drawing an illustration of Erjavčeva’s hut, and we asked her if we could publish it on our website to preserve the memory. Eva gladly shared her illustration of the Erjavčeva hut with us, for which we are grateful.

As we ventured through the winding trails of the Julian Alps, our journey led us to a quaint clearing where the majestic Erjavčeva mountain hut stood proudly against the backdrop of towering peaks. As we approached, our eyes were drawn to a figure sitting by the hut, sketching diligently amidst the serene surroundings.

“Hello there!” called out a warm voice, and we turned to see Eva, her eyes bright with creativity and passion for the mountains. She greeted us with a smile, inviting us to join her as she captured the essence of the mountain hut in her illustrations.

Eva’s sketchbook was a treasure trove of artistic wonders, each stroke of her pencil breathing life into the rugged landscape that surrounded us. With meticulous detail and boundless imagination, she captured the rustic charm of the mountain hut, from its weathered timbers to the smoke curling gently from its chimney.

As we watched Eva work, we were captivated by her artistic vision and the depth of emotion she poured into her illustrations. With each stroke, she seemed to capture not just the physical beauty of the mountain hut, but also the sense of peace and tranquility that permeated the air.

After hours of sketching beneath the azure sky, Eva finally set down her pencil and presented us with her masterpiece – a stunning illustration of Erjavčeva mountain hut, bathed in the golden light of the setting sun. The hut stood as a symbol of resilience and endurance, a testament to the timeless allure of the mountains.

With gratitude in our hearts, we thanked Eva for sharing her talent with us and for capturing the essence of our mountain journey in her beautiful illustrations. As we bid her farewell and continued on our way, we carried with us not just memories of the mountain hut, but also the inspiring vision of a talented artist whose work had touched our souls.

Illustration of Erjavčeva hut by Eva Hartmann

Illustration of Erjavčeva mountain hut by Eva Hartmann

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