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House rules

We are not a hostel or hotel. We have been a mountain hut in the Triglav National Park since 1901, and here you will find our differences and good practices. Feel free to read and learn more about one of the oldest and most popular Slovenian traditional mountain huts.

An interesting fact: There is a mountain book at the entrance. It is customary for every visitor to sign in and write the direction of where they came from and where they are going. The old habit also comes from searching for missing people in case you get lost or injured somewhere on the way or in the mountains.

An interesting fact: Mountain huts that are entered in the register of mountain huts at the Mountain Association of Slovenia are obliged to offer visitors accommodation, food and drink, and assistance in mountain accidents.

The Mountaineering Association of Slovenia recommends House rules, rules of conduct and overnight prices. As cottage renters, we must adhere to them. We even have a few more recommended than the remaining 169 mountain huts in Slovenia because we are located in the Triglav National Park.

When picking up the (digital) key, a deposit of €10 must be paid. If you do not return the key, you pay for it with this deposit.

For many visitors in the dining room and at tables that have already been served, we must give space to those waiting as soon as possible.

The hut is usually always open, even at night. If the doors are locked, you can ring the bell. Official open hours are in winter from 08:00 – 20:00 and in the summer from 07:00 – 22:00. Working hours can be changed by agreement with the hut staff.

SUMMER Breakfast from 07:00 till 09:00. Kitchen last order at 21:00. The bar closes at 22:00

WINTER Breakfast from 08:00 till 10:00. Kitchen last order at 20:00. The bar closes at 21:00

Those who do not follow the rules of the house must leave the mountain hut.

We are kindly pleased to keep silent in the hut and near the surroundings from 22:00 till 06:00.

Beds in the hut are rented out in order of registration of booking. The reservation is valid until 19:30. Injured or weakened visitors and mountain rescuers on the campaign have priority for overnight stays.

Check-in at the room is possible afternoon and no later than 19:30. Check-out is until 10:00. Late check-out can be charged by 10€ per hour or denied.

An interesting fact: Due to the age of the cottage, the poor electrical wiring and the wooden base in the hut’s construction, there is a significant risk of fire if larger electrical consumers are connected to the electrical wiring uncontrolled. Any connection of cookers, hair dryers and the like is prohibited. If you have any additional questions, please talk to the staff in the hut.

Smokers can smoke in the lobby or outside of the hut. Smoking is not allowed in the rooms.

There are only narrow electrical sockets in the rooms. Thicker sockets are locked, and their use is only allowed in the dining room.

Please inform the hut staff if you want an extra blanket or pillow.

The heaters in the hut are locked. Please inform the hut staff if you are too warm or too cold.

All visitors must behave in the mountain hut and its surroundings to avoid disturbing others. They must not make noise and leave behind garbage and other waste. Everyone has to take all their trash to the valley themselves.

An interesting fact: The Mountaineering Association of Slovenia recommends that every mountaineer take their trash to the valley. This is also why you will not find a trash can in the room.

All guests must change into slippers between floors. Walking with shoes in the sleeping area of the cottage can be fined €150.

Baskets in toilets are for paper only. Please hand it over to the hut staff if you have your rubbish and want to avoid taking it in the valley.

An interesting fact: The Slovenian Mountaineering Association recommends that each shower be charged 3.50-4.00€

Toilets on the first floor are available for guests sleeping in the hut. In case of crowds, additional bathrooms in the basement are also available. Could you ask the hut staff for the pin code for the doors?

If you have run out of toilet paper or see dirt in the toilets or shower, please inform hut staff. We clean the hut several times daily but don’t use the facilities and need to know when it gets dirty.

Regarding the lack of water in the national park, we must save water at every step. Please use shower toker wisely and stop water between shampooing and soaping. In case of crowds, additional showers in the basement are also available. Could you ask the hut staff for the pin code for the doors? Towels can be provided for the extra charge if needed.

Your opinion means a lot to us. So, we would like to ask you to give your opinion live to hut staff when you are with us and not just by commenting later on booking portals. This is the only way we can improve and make your travel experience even better.


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