The first hut was built and opened in 1901 by the Carniolan section of the German-Austrian Mountaineering Association. After the First World War, it was taken over by the
Slovenian Mountaineering Association repaired and enlarged it and opened it on July 30, 1922.

The hut is located among larches on a small hill beneath the Vršič mountain pass. A central heating and a ceramic masonry furnace in the dining room ensure pleasant accommodation. Electricity, comfortable toilets and showers in the bathroom are provided throughout the year, enabling mountaineers and groups a pleasant stay. The hut is also a good point about the winter snow condition. A unique attraction, the rocky face of “Ajdovska deklica” (Giants maiden or Heathen Maiden) in Prisank’s north wall, is seen the best from where the hut stands.

About approach to Erjavčeva’s hut

by car from Kranjska Gora to Vršič pass (10km), by foot using road and shortcuts (3h)
by car from Trenta valley (10km), by foot using road and shortcuts (3h)
during the summer season, a bus from both sides can be used. A bus station is allocated 2 min from the hut.

Erjavčeva hut at Vršič pass

We are fortunate to be the caretakers of Erjavčeva hut on Vršič pass at the natural beauties of the unspoiled nature of the Triglav National Park since 1901. Today, the house is intended for controlled tourism, sports activities, and lovers of nature and natural beauty.

Visitors to the hut can enjoy the indescribable beauty of a unique location, easy comfort in one of 11 different rooms, or the experience of staying in shared bedrooms. We especially appreciate showering with water from our collection of running water in the immediate vicinity, we handle it carefully and economically, and we still like to drink it.

Our guides have prepared several days of excursions for the most enthusiastic travellers. They would like to completely indulge, experience a holiday in its greatest glory, and come back home with unforgettable memories. Adventure packages include various trips to locations known only to locals, and they are also, last but not least, numerically limited and controlled.

In our kitchen, traditional and local dishes are intertwined, to which we add a touch of freshness and a modern touch. However, we also carefully choose food for vegetarians and vegans. In addition to our homemade pesto and the unique “Erjavčeva koča” cake, we adapt the carefully selected menu to the seasonal choice of ingredients.
Namely, we cook food, eat daily, and add a glass of house wine, which the hut team also chose for themselves during their trip around Slovenia from several excellent local providers.

That is our way of life; every guest can get to know and taste it. It is an extraordinary privilege for us to live in the Triglav National Park in the embrace of nature and to meet people from all over the world who visit us once and then always come back.

You are more than welcome in our company!

After whom the hut got its name

Fran Erjavec
It was named after the naturalist and writer Fran Erjavec (1834-1887).

About recent history

From the hut to a popular excursion point

After the Second World War, the hut was taken over by the Jesenice mountaineers, who renovated and opened it on September 15, 1946. In 1949, we installed electricity from Kranjska Gora, and in 1951, a telephone. We demolished the old, dilapidated wooden hut and replaced it with a new, more modern outpost. It was inaugurated on August 1, 1993.

Living room and a restaurant in Erjavčeva's hut